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Adding full speed brake causes the engines to shutdown


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I have a thrustmaster airbus throttle and use the speed brake axis as the speed brake.

On more than one flight, going to full speed brake causes the engines to shutdown.

I thought it was FSUIPC but I did a flight without it running and the same thing happened.

There are no button assignments to the speed brake positions.

If I use the mouse to control the speed brake, all seems normal.

My community folder is pretty lean with only a few popular addons ( navigraph etc)

Does anyone have any idea or some troubleshooting tips.


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You sir are a genius!!!

That is exactly what the problem was. 


I set up my throttles for the A310 by clicking the new profile and "assumed" a new profile meant no key bindings were set.

Wrong, MSFS "helped me" by prepopulating many functions of the throttle. 

I had a propellor axis preset, autobrakes preset along with others and the MIXTURE was preset to the spoiler axis. 


Thank you so much for your help. Hoping good Carma comes your way 10x 😉

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