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EGLL - Cars in the car parks slow to appear / poor quality


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I have just purchased Heathrow through the Marketplace (25/01/23); I firstly uninstalled the Asobo EGLL then installed the IniScene EGLL - overall it looks great. However cars in the car parks only start to appear as I am flying over them and they look more like jelly moulds than cars.

I am running a Ryzen 9 7950X, 64Gb DDR5 RAM, nVidia RTX 4090, VR (Varjo Aero) on Windows 11.

Any ideas welcome.


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I've been experiencing similar issues at EGLL. The slow appearing cars and their poor quality can really break the immersion, can't they? I, for one, definitely appreciate a more refined level of detail in my airport environments.

You know, it reminds me of my other hobby, car tuning. Just like how we simmers pay attention to every single pixel in our virtual skies, I care deeply about every single bolt and washer in my real-world ride. The quest for realism and perfection spans across both of these passions of mine.

Back to our sim world though, let's hope the developers heed our feedback and work on improving these small yet impactful details. After all, the devil is always in the details, be it in our flight simulators or in our beloved cars.

Blue skies and smooth landings to all!

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