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Deviating left and right with autoland right before touchdown.


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Hi, I'm having a problem trying autoland in the a310. I catch the localiser and glideslope easily as long as I'm at approach speed, flaps and gear down, final approach selected etc. The aircraft will decend without issue sometimes making correction to stay on the glideslope. I activate the second autopilot once the plane is following the ils without issue and the plane continues to decend normally untill almost over the runway where it will start banking left and right. the aircraft always touches down safely but with strange angles, left or right wheels down first or off centerline. The in game weather shows the weather well within the autoland capabilities. 

I should note that this does not happen on every landing, maybe 50% of landings will have this swaying issue. 


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Hi 🙂 . Glasgow is my home airport and I fly in and out from around the UK and Ireland, mostly shannon, Dublin and heathrow and I've had it happen at all of these airports. 

Interestingly, navigation at Glasgow Airport is completely broken for me right now. Choosing a sid or star is not working correctly, however I think this may be a problem with the pyreegue glasgow airport addon as it started happening as soon as I updated it so I suspect its not an issue with the aircraft.

I will try to do a few landings tomorrow and include a video or two to demonstrate what I'm experiencing.  Thanks for the help 🙂 

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