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A310-300 Enhanced Cold & Dark IRS stays in Align Mode

Mathieu Valade

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**No Mods or livery are installed**

The IRS even if Align Mode is "Instant" will remain in Align Mode Forever. 

Because of that IRS problem Pitch Trim 1 + 2 Fault and impossible to get Pitch Trim 1 or 2 ON.


Also in Microsoft Content Manager Version of the A310 is 1.1.7

On the EFB V 1.1.6 is shown


-Removed & Re-installed the 2 A310 in Microsoft Content Manager and still not working. Before this update I had the same problem.

Any ideas?



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45 minutes ago, gumbyger said:

Heya :]

Did you click Align IRS in the FMC?




Hi don't know how to do it it seems there are no options to do that...I would think this is the good page. GPS option does not work. Any other way?



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Thanks for the help problem solved....so for next one to experience this. In INIT page input your FROM/TO then on the 4R KEY Align IRS will be available. After it's around 5 minutes in Normal mode before it gets Align. 

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