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MSFS 2020 A310


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Hi there,

Having a problem with the MSFS version of the A310. When I start at an airport cold and dark, the attached screenshot shows the main panel display with some lights showing and the landing gear lever in the up position. None of the switches / buttons on the overhead panel work either. Nothings seems to work as expected when starting from runway either. I have deleted & re-installed the aircraft to no avail. I haven't seen this particular problem described in the MS forums so I assume there must be a problem with my setup. Does anyone have any thoughts? 


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5 hours ago, Ian1953 said:

Hi gumbyger,

Thanks for responding so quickly - I did as you suggested, problem solved! Just have to work out which package was the culprit - I'll add them back one at a time until it breaks again.

Thanks again.


Have you installed the Dirty Livery Pack from Dreamscenery? That livery package causes exactly the issue you have described.


Best regards,


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