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Suggestion: Scenery Features: "high/med/low"?


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just bought v3 and I like the option(s) to balance performance and visuals to my liking and the capabilities of my system.

Still, I would love a system where I can maybe reduce the clutter, loaders, containers, cars etc. instead of just turning them all off or on. I don't want to just remove ALL e.g. containers, I'd like to see some of everything, but I'd be okay if there are not as many as maybe on high-end PCs.

Maybe this could be incorporated in the future? 


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9 minutes ago, gumbyger said:

This is something we could possible look into, however it wouldn't be very easy as we would have to handplace all the objects again.

So yeah, no promises, but we will look into it 🙂

Thanks! 🙂

Hope you see my point, if I'm looking to improve performance, it's kinda hard right now for me to tell if I should get rid of all containers or if it's better to remove all belt loaders or all the ground clutter....etc.? Plus it would get pretty empty if I'd really see not a single piece or equipment, while my system could have handled at least some stuff here and there 🙂

Thanks again for considering!


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