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Disabling Asobo Heathrow??


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Can anyone please tell me how to disable Asobo EGLL Heathrow in preparation for my IniScene Heathrow install??

Asobo EGLL does not appear in the MSFS content manager, it only brings up the MSFS Premium Upgrade??

I notice I have "asobo-airport-egll-heathrow" in my OneStore folder, but in the past where I have moved an airport out of this folder, it just gets re-installed on next game launch?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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stolen from EDDF virtualFRA, but that also works for EGLL Heathrow (just type EGLL instead of Frankfurt 🙂 ):


For owners of the Premium Deluxe Edition:

Please open the "content manager" and look in the middle top area of your screen. On the right-hand side of the search bar, there are two small symbols: a package and a list symbol. Please select the list symbol. Then type into the search bar "Frankfurt" and uninstall the "EDDF-Frankfurt Airport from Asobo Studio" Version.



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