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Thai Creation VMMC- Macau dynamic lighting

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Hello I am using P3D V5 platform and have Thai Creation VMMC-Macau for FSX installed on P3dv5 

And I installed the dynamic lighting and gsx file provided by ini, but a black triangle box appears on the street light as shown in the attached photo in night mode

And I installed iniBuilds Dynamic Lighting Effect Library and p3d.cfg, MAX_POINT_LIGHTS=250
MAX_SPOT_LIGHTS=250 I also adjusted the value to 1000,

but it was the same.. Is there a solution?


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Hello Bjhjeong01, it must be a texture that does not pass on P3D, I will look to deactivate it if it is possible, I will come back to you a little later





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Have you put the two texture files proposed in the pack?

I checked and I don't have these black textures,

If you still don't have the solution, try disabling / deleting the halomap file in the texture folder,


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