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blurre issues


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Do you mind posting a comparison screenshot with the canopy open and closed, exactly the same view please looking out, so canopy closed looking through the glass and then open. I'm not seeing the blur on my PC but would like to test this further.


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On 1/15/2023 at 12:38 PM, James335k said:

I had a flight yesterday and am dismayed to see that the issue hasn't been addressed. I will hanger this bird for the time being.

Hey there!

Sorry you are still dissatisfied with the blur. We already tuned down the heatblur from the engine in this update and from our point of view it made it better. The material of the windows is set to glass, so there isn't anything we can do better there.

The issue is that if we turn down the heatblur even more, people might call that unrealistic.

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