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Stansted (EGSS) Announced


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Hey everyone!
We're happy to announce our development of EGSS (London Stansted) Airport for XP11 and later MSFS. With approx 28 million pax per year, Stansted is the 3rd busiest airport in the London area. 

There will be some previews to follow, but work is progressing at a great pace and we have managed to add plenty of exciting features 🙂

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OK - here's what we've got:

Custom UK traffic

Custom night lighting

custom HD Buildings

terminal interiors

excellent FPS

Custom 4K PBR ground textures

Custom 12.5cm resolution ortho

custom animated airport ground vehicles

animated monorail / trains

full autogate support

realistic runway contours

full ORBX TE compatibility

There are way more features but these are all I can remember for now! 🙂 

egss (25).png

egss (24).png

egss (23).png

egss (22).png

egss (16).png

egss (7).png

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