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  1. Cotswold Airport (previously RAF Kemble) is currently home to a mixture of GA traffic, as well as a whole host of unusual aircraft. This is actually the final stop for many heavy airliners in the UK when it's time for them to be scrapped, most notably, several ex BA 747s. This combination of light aircraft and jumbo jets was too much to resist, so we're building it! This is going to be a fun one
  2. Absolutely, I believe it's the same lighting bug, only present at larger airports. We'll be able to use the same method to provide a performance fix for Birmingham too
  3. You're very welcome, thanks for your patience too! Enjoy Stansted
  4. @artox67 Thought I'd let you know - we're working on some improvements for Shannon. We believe we have decreased the VRAM and improved the performance quite a lot!
  5. @horacer @Mridout We removed the lighting on our end and can also confirm this was the cause of the FPS decreases. It took a bit of tweaking but we have reprogrammed all the lights and the FPS do appear to have improved in this newest version. We're just testing it out now. Hopefully over the next couple of days we will be able to release the final version with the new lights and improved performance. It seems to be the amount of lights, and the size of the spills which were causing the high VRAM usage. The solution does seem to have solved this, and without any loss of visual quality -
  6. Hendrik that's an amazing find! Well done, we'll look at the lights right away
  7. Absolutely, we've tested it on a range, from mid to higher end. We're thinking of a lite version as an option, so people can choose between the higher visual quality or the better FPS depending on their system
  8. That's really strange, for us we tested with and without Orbx TE, and to be expected, when we tested without it ran with lower VRAM and higher FPS. Is it worse in any particular area? Apron area is the busiest with objects and PBR textures etc...
  9. You're very welcome, thanks a lot and enjoy!
  10. Thanks for that, my first thought was maybe high levels of reflection detail, but your settings for that are on low (which doesn't make any real visual difference to be honest - it's best to keep it low). It is strange that Stansted is the only one, I fully understand why that's annoying for you, I'd feel the exact same. It definitely seems to be scenery related, the thing that seems strange to me is that all other systems it's been tested on have shown medium to large improvements in performance. It's definitely not your fault, I'll say that now! It seems to be something more specific
  11. Thank you, I'm really glad they're running nicely for you - what do you mean by removing parked aircraft? The only static ones are some light aircraft near the Elmdon terminal in Birmingham, all the aircraft in the previews are traffic global. If you need anything tweaking we will definitely sort it for you
  12. Hendrik, I'm really sorry to hear that. We've removed over 4 million polys by simplifying countless models, as well as reducing PBR effects and various texture sizes. We've also tested it on different systems - and each one has seen improved VRAM usage and improved FPS. I do appreciate that due to Stansted being a large airport in a busy area of the UK, it will be heavier than our other projects like Alderney for example, but we've put so much work into keeping it as light as possible. The VRAM usage and FPS seems to vary a lot depending on peoples specs and general XP11 configuration, s
  13. Update is up! As I said, it should improve things with performance but this will depend on the system. Reported bugs have beebn fixed, I really hope you all enjoy it As always, this doesn't mean we will stop adding extra features and improvements in the future
  14. Our latest announcement... this time it's a helipad for a change! Details below 5cm resolution ortho imagery (the highest ever imported to the sim as far as we are aware) Custom HD UK style traffic Full custom HD night lighting, including traffic lights and emergency lights HD Trees Custom HD houses based on those in the actual area 4K PBR HHopsital buildings Excellent FPS (the package covers the nearby area only, so detail can be ramped up with no FPS impact) Countless small details, ranging from benches to swings in playgrounds... there's loads to spot!
  15. Ok - we're hoping to have the update out in the next day or so, it's currently in beta testing. There's a full list of fixes and improvements below: Reduced VRAM* Reduced FPS* Runway taxi joins improved Ground marking textures altered Smaller file size Reported bugs fixed * We've done all we can to reduce VRAM and improve FPS without decreasing the visual quality... not an easy job! All users should see an improvement, especially with VRAM usage, but how much it improves will vary system to system. Just because this update is done, it doesn't mean we won't make further tw
  16. The update is being worked on right now - we've got the VRAM usage down compared to the old version, we are now doing all we can to improve FPS in the apron area, it's not easy because there is so much detail. We will try and improve FPS as much as possible with the least visual difference obviously!
  17. Perfect! Nice one, EGBB is getting an update in the coming days too which will add even more features
  18. No worries! I mean we genuinely appreciate every download so of course we will do all we can for you... We'll post on here with update progress, on the ini Store I believe all you'll need to do is redownload once it's ready
  19. Hey Alex! That's good, as I said, the runway is good on our end and seems to be perfect for other users. if you were struggling with it we would have been more than happy to send you a special version with the flattened runway anyway! Although we can't make tiny tweaks for everyone, we'll always try and do what we can to make sure it works for you as well as possible. Update will be a few days away hopefully
  20. Hi, Thanks. We're working on a performance update now, for many users it does run fine but the last thing we want is to leave anyone behind. The UK2000 version will naturally have higher FPS, as the levels of detail and features are very different between the two versions. Have you got any screenshots of the runway? There's no custom mesh in this airport, we just deactivated the 'flatten' runway feature so it has more realistic curvature. It should be pretty standard and I'm not aware of anyone else having problems with it? Thanks a lot, Lewis
  21. For anyone who isn't following our Facebook page, we're releasing a freeware rendition of Donegal (EIDL) as a way of saying thanks to everyone for the amazing growth we've seen over the past few months! It'll be out very soon
  22. As @Ciano35 mentioned, can you please confirm which folder is pasted into your Custom Scenery folder? Thanks
  23. Thanks! It's not always easy to strike the perfect balance between visual realism and performance, so we really appreciate you letting us know so we can improve it. We don't want anyone to not enjoy the scenery so we'll do all we can. I'll keep everyone updated on here over the next few days
  24. Yeah we will fix that, I think it'll only have a minor effect as it's not the whole light spill which is on
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