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  1. OK - here's what we've got: Custom UK traffic Custom night lighting custom HD Buildings terminal interiors excellent FPS Custom 4K PBR ground textures Custom 12.5cm resolution ortho custom animated airport ground vehicles animated monorail / trains full autogate support realistic runway contours full ORBX TE compatibility There are way more features but these are all I can remember for now!
  2. Hey everyone! We're happy to announce our development of EGSS (London Stansted) Airport for XP11 and later MSFS. With approx 28 million pax per year, Stansted is the 3rd busiest airport in the London area. There will be some previews to follow, but work is progressing at a great pace and we have managed to add plenty of exciting features
  3. I'm glad the FPS remain stable, obviously that is our main target - we try to make sure everything runs smoothly as possible. My instinct is that it's the PBR making the big difference, it may use more VRAM than other airports because there is more PBR, in default airports there is usually very little. With Shannon being in a remote area, we decided to add in more than we would for a more urban airport, because the FPS are already higher in that location by default. I'll certainly take a look and see if the VRAM use can be improved, but we are reluctant to sacrifice any visual quality so
  4. Hmm, I'll take a look at what it could be - there is a lot of PBR and detail in Shannon but we built it to run very smoothly despite that, I'm glad it is actually running as it should be
  5. Hi, That seems strange - what versions of the other airports are you using? Default or addons? Thanks
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