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Unable to purchase scenery in the iniManager application on Windows 11


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I have the iniManager installed and working. It allows me to download and manage my products that have been purchased online in the iniBuilds store.

When I try and purchase an item in the iniManager then I see an error in red stating my email and password do not match and the cart opens with just a progress indicator spinning that never completes.

If I then purchase the product in a web browser and come back to the store, the product appears ready for download.

Given I am still able to purchase products online going around the iniManager, I'm not blocked. But this appears to be a bug with iniManager and my account that I would like to understand and resolve if possible.1543570419_iniManager12_3_202213_05_05.thumb.png.24bb8ba36722fc31d2bdf050d40fe53e.png

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