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Question about ORBX Leeds DL installation

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In the installation for the ORBX Leeds dynamic lighting package it says:



1. Disable the following files in Orbx Libraries\Effects

- fx_TRB_dyn_Flood_O_XLrg
- fx_TRB_dyn_Flood_O_XLrg_ctrl


Are these ONLY used at the EGNM scenery? Or will this affect other ORBX airport sceneries?

Also, there is a file in EGNM Leeds Bradford Airport\Effects called "fx_TRB_dyn_Flood_w_lrg_CP.fx" -- does this need to be disabled also?

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Unfortunately these files may remove dynamic lighting from other airports as they are shared files. Our team was unable to remove the default dynamic lighting from Leeds without removing these files. These are the only two files that need to be deleted.

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Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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