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  1. I just found it, it's in \Custom Scenery\Xometry - KCRW West Virginia Yeager Airport\Mesh_Options I installed via iniManager and wouldn't have known to go looking for it had I not asked here, if there's a way to include instructions about this on iniManager it'd probably spare you a lot of grief with people asking about it. Thanks!
  2. The approach lighting scaffold is floating a good ways above the threshold at the end of 23. Using vstates ortho.
    @iniBuilds you can delete my review but the stripe on the fuselage is still wrong
  3. I really appreciate how much the ini KLAX dynamic lighting profile cleans up some of the really dated night time lighting effects/textures at KLAX. I was curious, though -- would it be possible in a future update to remove these weird/old fashioned light ray effects which I'm guessing are baked in somehow? Thanks!
  4. Hey there, I've just noticed a couple things with the Spirit livery from ini for the Toliss A321neo that I thought I'd raise in case the original livery creator was willing to adjust them. The fuselage titles are curved and the S on one side pretty noticeably out of alignment with the rest of the lettering with the rest of the fuselage titles. I also just happened to note the K on the registration is noticeably out of alignment and also the 6s look a lot like upside down 9s, and the 8s look a little wonky as well, perhaps upside down also? Like I said, small things that you don't notice at first, but once you notice them (at least for me) they stick out big time! Thanks!
    The titles on the right hand side of the fuselage are not horizontally level, otherwise a decent livery.
  5. I've downloaded the dynamic lighting package for Taxi2Gate's KMCO. Installed per instructions (just drag and drop into Scenery folder) in P3D v5.1 HF1 with HDR on, using the HDR file, and the night lighting has some weird extremely bright spots in the textures. Is there any way to correct this? It's quite jarring.
    Do you also need to delete "KMCO-LIB-JETWAYS-UPD2-1.bgl"?
  6. Would swapping fallback.3=..\..\FSLabs A32X\texture_VC fallback.4=..\..\FSLabs A32X\texture to be fallback.3=..\..\FSLabs A32X\texture fallback.4=..\..\FSLabs A32X\texture_VC Make it to where it'd load whatever VC textures were in the livery folder and then load any HB textures below that?
  7. In the installation for the ORBX Leeds dynamic lighting package it says: Are these ONLY used at the EGNM scenery? Or will this affect other ORBX airport sceneries? Also, there is a file in EGNM Leeds Bradford Airport\Effects called "fx_TRB_dyn_Flood_w_lrg_CP.fx" -- does this need to be disabled also?
    Will disabling: - fx_TRB_dyn_Flood_O_XLrg - fx_TRB_dyn_Flood_O_XLrg_ctrl Break lighting at othe rairports?
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