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VOR approach not working (EDDL VOR rwy 23L)


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For this approach I set the radios to the VOR DUS (115.15) as you can see in the first screenshot and a course of 233°.

When I switch to VOR/LOC the AP starts to change the heading bug until a course of 008° is set. And it stays at 008, so I never can land with that mode.


Any hints? Same happens with other VORs. Example: the NUB VOR in EDDN with the same result.




Screenshot (408).png

Screenshot (410).png

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Thanks for the link.

I did watch the video. It does not explain why the plane instead of intercepting the VOR turns away from the entered course.

I was on a 30° intercept for the VOR when switching the V/L mode and then the plane turns away from the VOR. So the video not really explains that.

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Some images to illustrate the problem:


1: Approach page with minima683978446_Screenshot(411).png.4b0cf56251a265530fc06324d768c71e.png



2: flightplan with frequency and course





3: shortly before clicking on the V/L button in HDG mode:



4: the plane turnes AWAY from the VOR to a heading 008 instead of 233:574328868_Screenshot(416).thumb.png.8ae439b7c1df14b026170cd27f2aebee.png


5: it stays in VOR* mode with a course of 008:



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