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  1. Hi guys, thanks for this beautiful scenery. To make the whole immersion even more beautiful, I would love to use an Ortho4XP Bing tile for the island. Unfortunately, this isn't possible at the moment. As long the mesh layer from the scenery is active, Ortho4XP isn't visible - only when I deactivate the scenery mesh layer, which will then lead to an airport without runway slope Is there a way to make them work together? If that's not the case, I'd like to vote for a feature request Kind regards, Hendrik
  2. What can I say... fantastic improvement! Especially in terms of performance. Well done guys and thanks for taking our reported issues seriously and for the quick solution. Now there is only one thing left to do: fly countless legs in and out of Stansted
  3. That's great news Lewie, thank you! Looking forward to getting my hands on the update
  4. Hi @Mridout, actually, I did some debugging with WED in the beginning but in the end, you should see the effect by deleting / moving out those two files. This is obviously no solution but at least it could allow you some enjoyable daylight flights until a fix is out (But this means you would have to remove those lights within WED and recompile the scenery) Kind regards, Hendrik
  5. That's also a very good point, thank you! @lewie01If you already have an idea, great And if it helps, as @Regent013mentioned, I do have Plugins. Mainly X-Vision 2 (VES preset) and FlyAGI Tool mainly, regarding visuals.
  6. Hi Lewie, I did some research and found the culprit - it's the Lighting. I removed those two files here: EGSS_RampLight EGSS_RampLight_small Without them, the performance is outstanding - day and night! So all the buildings and details are perfectly optimized and you did a nice job with them but there must be something wrong with the Lights. Hope that helps Kind regards Hendrik
  7. Maybe some kind of Zoom or Teams screenshare session would help out?
  8. I did my tests from stand 92
  9. I wonder what kind of hardware setup you guys are using... as mentioned before I have a 2080 Ti and this obviously won't work out...
  10. Ok, that didn't make any difference. For the test I disabled: ORBX TE GB South ORBX London City Aerosoft Heathrow UK2000 Luton Origami Gatwick
  11. Thank you! Let me test without having all kinds of South GB related scenery enabled since I'm running ORBX GB South, London City, Gatwick, Luton, Heathrow... all of them add-on sceneries. I'll report back as soon as I can. However, what I did test so far was to disable Stansted and see how that goes... load was in the normal range how I would expect it to be. Hendrik
  12. Nope, that didn't make a difference
  13. That's nice to hear! Maybe I should redownload the scenery and try again.
  14. I did not mean to rant, please don't get me wrong and I really appreciate your effort. I have to emphasize that Stansted is the only airport out of dozens of complex payware airports, I have to avoid flying in and out at the moment. And yes, that's a great pity So I would assume the culprit is with the scenery itself. Here are my XP settings. Let me know if you need any additional information regarding my setup (nothing specific to be honest) and - as mentioned - no problems anywhere else. Kind regards Hendrik
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