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  1. Brad


    As this has been sorted I will now lock this thread. Happy flying!
  2. Great shots @Marder1986! Have a safe flight, glad you are enjoying her!
  3. Hi @toreil, Please let us know how this goes. Cheers.
  4. Brad

    Night Owl

    Great shot @Regent013!! Have an amazing flight
  5. Hi @APFV, Glad that you have sorted it and thank you for your kind words. I will now lock this thread. Happy flying! Cheers.
  6. Hi @toreil, Could you please provide us with your SASL log and your system specs. Cheers.
  7. Hi @toreil, Could you provide videos of what is happening please Cheers.
  8. Hi @APFV, Firstly welcome to the forum Please take a video then upload it for us to review. Please also try and remove any key bindings and reattempt. Cheers.
  9. Hi Carl, We have provided an A3ST but as a company have no plans to do the A300 or A310. Cheers.
  10. Great photo @andrewjw1990! Glad you are enjoying her
  11. Epic approach and awesome screenshots @dipperdolphin!
  12. Great screenshot @airborne_horse!
  13. Hi @sunny, Not at the moment as we have lots of other projects ongoing. Cheers
  14. Hi @Mariner Hally, The choice is yours with regards to our entry level, With the A300 & A310 you get exclusive discounts on the other aircraft however with the Beluga you do not. The A310 is our most advanced aircraft and comes with 5 variants and at some point all of the aircraft will be brought up to the standard of the A310. With regards to shared cockpit this is not something we are currently looking into developing in house but this might be made by a 3rd party. Cheers
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