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  1. Agree. I'm not opposing the payware updates for aircraft to next X-Plane version. But there are one "But". Product level currently is uprgraded default with really good visuals. It even has no gyro drift, and IF product update for X-Plane 12 (even with functions/features update) will be payware I'll leave. Your aircraft costs not 40 or 50 dollars. It costs 70 pounds, like one good another Airbus from another good developer but Airbus from iniSimulations with same price and not that good quality level of systems has a price of that one which has worse level of detailing. If update will be payware it will make gulf between guys who scream "AMAZING! HOW GOOD! LOOK AT THIS BEATIFUL A300 SCREENSHOT! #A300" who not want to invest some time to learn something, get deeper in this plane and even make some bug reports, and guys like me, who reads manuals and other documentation instead of watching video tutorials and want just to make product better with deeper systems and features. But of course, it's all buisiness. IMHO. Oops, almost forgot, question i really want to ask for iniSimulations dev. team - why I should buy another your aircraft? Good visuals doesn't count.
  2. Hi! The place for download says that i ain't permitted to download.
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