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  1. Hi i created a separate topic about this the other day and I was pointed towards a script/plugin that woould enable me to swap active and standby frequencies. I followed the instructions in the readme but still carnt swap frequencies can anyone help me set it up?? We can share conversation in Discord if anyone can help me
  2. Good evening, Yesterday I went ahead and purchased the A310, when I was trying to tune frequencies with my Logitech Radio Panels I can tune them but cannot for the life of me swap them over. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is this a bug? I cant wait to stream this plane for viewers Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks Mariner
  3. Hi new here and looking to purchase my first Inibuilds aircraft just unsure on which one A300, A310, or Beluga. Can anyone give me any advice on the best one to choose? I'm thinking its more down to personal preference but also do any of them support shared cockpit functionality with SmartCopilot. Thanks in advance and happy flying :D
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