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  1. That is good to know, I'll try that out.
  2. Pretty much what I described in my original post, just through a shortcut. Something odd going on with 1.0.4 maybe, this seems to be an issue for quite a lot of folks? React to this post if you're affected as well just for the sake of my own curiosity
  3. C:\Users\schil\AppData\Local\iniManager\iniManager.exe
  4. Exactly what happened to me. I installed the A300 V2.0.1, closed the manager, realized I needed the serial and couldn't launch the manager again. I then wanted to find out if the shortcut from the desktop or start menu was faulty or smth and stumbled upon the folders of the previous versions still being there. Lucky coincidence I guess ^^
  5. 1.0.4 is not launching on my system and I don't know why. I click the icon (tried the desktop shortcut and the .exe file itself in the main folder in LocalAppdata) and nothing at all happens. However if I launch 1.0.3 from the seperate folder (which is still there after the update just like all the previous versions?) everything works. Someone got any idea? Anything else y'all need for support?
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