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Zero Dollar Payware Library 1.1.0

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About This File

The ZDP Library is intended for use in conjunction with the MisterX library. The purpose of this library is to provide a common location for all of the frequently used assets in ZDP sceneries. It is structured in such a way that any scenery developers can use our assets to create sceneries just as good as ours, without the hassle of creating textures and assets from scratch. Because the primary role of the library is to hold assets which are created for ZDP sceneries we don't intend to add new assets unless they are of use in a new project. A guide for how to use the library is included in the readme (and also is transcribed below). 

For questions with how to use the library please go to our discord server


Usage Guide


    Lines - Use these just like any other library. 
    Paint - Draw paint over top of existing ground textures. These will automatically be rendered on top of any concrete or asphalt textures. Paint is great for filling in large areas or making custom runways. 
    Signs - These are done as subtextured sheets. Click on the letter you want to place and then draw it as a rectangle to create a polygon. You can click a letter multiple times to change the edges. These use the same coordinates as the default xplane signs so upgrading existing signs is as easy as changing the resource value. 
    Grunge - place these as objects. Don't be afraid to overlap a few on top of eachother if you want a darker effect!


Ground Textures

    Video Tutorial
    Step 1: Place the base textures (concrete or asphalt). Make note of the naming convention for base textures to ensure you get exactly what you need. Note that WED doesn't show decals in the preview, you'll need to load into xplane to see the full effect. All variation and surface types and be seen from the included Surface_Guide.png and Variation_Guide.png images. 
    >    <Surface>_<Wear Level>_<Variation Type>.pol

    >    ex. concrete/flat_worn_striped.pol is a flat concrete slab with a worn surface, and randomly varying darkness along 1 axis
    Step 2: Place your overlays. Duplicate each surface, pick the color or darkness you want your surface to have and replace the "resource" value to apply the overlay. Overlays can be stacked too if you need even more control! Just be sure to use the overlay specified for the surface you are applying it to as each overlay is tuned specifically for the surface it is used on top of. 

    Step 3 (Optional): Create a custom grunge mask. See the video linked above for an overview of what this is. This is a more advanced technique but provides signifigant visual improvements. 
    Step 4 (Optional): Add spot grunge. Using the default laminar "Grunge1" and "Grunge2" objects, place spot ground around the airport to improve the realism and break up large uniform surfaces. 

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What's New in Version 1.1.0


  • Added many new line types including new colors, border options, and a yellow-white centerline
  • Added weather effects to ground textures
  • Added spot grunge objects to replace the depreciated laminar assets for grunge1_S, M, Lg, and XLg. You can directly replace your old LR grunge with these to get the same effect in xplane 12
  • added grooved concrete surface type
  • improved sharpness of concrete surface decals
  • improved color of runway touchdown skidmarks
  • added small variant of runway skidmarks
  • added aircraft stop markings for LHR

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