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Sounds - Avionics vents, Gyro


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Hello !

First of all, thanks for the A310 in MSFS ! She's stunning 😄.

I've seen that you guys are planning to add a tons of new sounds in future updates. Idk if these ones are planned but I would really really like the hear them in the sim and I'm sure many of us would too.

Avionics extract airflow valve sound

It is a very very loud and distinctive noise (I personally love it !). This sound allows you to recognize an a300-600/310 parked at the stand without even looking at it !

Here at 1:49, If I'm not wrong, I think this sound is the actual extract avionics vent system turning on once elec power is set.

You can even hear it inside the flight deck too :

Even far from it :

Another reference : 


Gyro magic/annoying click sound

Also wanted to add this one to the list, I call it "the gyro artificial horizon doing his thing sound" which can be heard once batteries are set on. And of course the typical clicking sound you hear once powered (not sure if you could hear that click once avionics fans are on due to their excessive noise level lol).


Annnd many more to come, such as the hydraulic sounds... pretty sure they sound like the A320 and 330fam tho, couldn't find any refs for that, it's been 2 hours...

Anyways, thanks for reading ! Really hope to be able to hear these soon in my sim 😄

See ya

Hugo B.


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