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Overhead Gauges

Mark Chernis

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For the most part, the instrument panels on the new A310 look fantastic.  Yet, a number of the round dials on the overhead panel look almost cartoonish.   The worst examples are the Blue, Green, and Yellow hydraulic indicators which look they come from some kind of futuristic plane.   Is that what they look like in the real plane OR is that a limitation of some kind?

Everything else looks so good and some of these dials really stand out.

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We have modeled all the textures and 3D from real pictures / references for the A310. 

You can see here the HYD gauges are painted with a very bright green in the real aircraft that are night time gets even more exaggerated. 






I can't find a good image of the real A310 at night time but the green gets quite a bit brighter with the back light. 

Hope this helps. 



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