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Scenery Development Update: Announcing iniScene Detroit for Microsoft Flight Simulator & more!


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Hello all,

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying our products from sceneries to aircraft; including the free Airbus A310 now available in Microsoft Flight Simulator as part of the 40th anniversary (many thanks again to Microsoft & Asobo).

We are committed to updating the A310, and have sent a new version today, and you should see this version very soon.

We are super excited to announce our latest scenery, the international mega-hub: iniScene Detroit Metro Wayne County for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Welcome to Motown - perfect for the upcoming winter season 😉 🌨️

Detroit Metro Airport is a major international airport in the United States in the state of Michigan. It is the primary international airport of the state; being a major hub for Delta airlines, and a base for Spirit Airlines. Detroit serves as Delta's main gateway to Asia for the Eastern United States, with the airport serving 30 international destinations and serving 39 states across the US. 


Detroit has been a fantastic project for us, taking our scenery development to the next level and learning from the fantastic release of iniScene Los Angeles (KLAX) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Some of the big takeaways were proper jetway connections to the terminal, and that has been a key focus for us on this project (as you can see above), of course ensuring we are providing our usual selection of high quality offerings such as custom GSE, custom taxi signs and many high quality textures in many areas.

I post some more pictures of the product below for you guys to take a look! 🥳



As part of our commitment, to our customers earlier in the year, with each scenery we release we want to push the boundaries in the features we are providing. 



In this product you will find not only the normal features of our airports, but also the animated train in the main McNamara terminal, the Laminar fountain fully animated, and some cool GSE de-icing statics! Do not worry, these will all be options, and be able to be toggled on/off.. more on this later in this post 😉 To check these features out be sure to check them out in action in our trailer here:

We hope you will enjoy this product, and we will be sure to notify you on social media, and our forum when it is available to purchase. 

iniScene EGLL & KLAX Update

As we continue developing new products we will always go back and update our previous products. Since releasing KLAX in October, we have pushed 4 updates, and are planning another update very soon. One of them being a more performance friendly version, for those struggling with performance.

For EGLL, we are completely re-working some of T5, and other areas of the airport namely the ground poly, performance and some textures to bring them in line with LAX and DTW. 





iniManager Scenery Options

Following feedback from LAX, we noted the community want to be able to customize their sceneries to their liking. As part of our commitment to always provide you with the best experiences, we have now added such functionality within the iniManager. 


You can see above options such as Static Aircraft, people and winter equipment being options in addition to varying levels of texture quality, to be able to provide you with the best performance possible.

This functionality will also be coming to our mega-hubs of KLAX and EGLL.

Please note you will only access to these configuration options if you have purchased our products via the iniBuilds Store, and use the iniManager. If you wish to transfer your order to us, to make use of this functionality please fill out the information here: forms.inibuilds.com/order-transfer

We hope you are excited for KDTW and our other scenery updates, and we wish our customers in the US and those celebrating a very pleasant Thanksgiving holidays!

Many thanks and kind regards,
iniBuilds Team

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Very exciting news! I have still not bought any sceneries from you guys yet but after the A310 I am now considering most of them. LAX looks amazing and it's very nice to see that EGLL is also getting the same treatment when it comes to ground textures. The ones used for LAX are some of the best I have seen in the sim so this makes EGLL a must buy as well. I will be getting LAX, EGLL and KDTW very soon (the latter when it arrives). 

PS, fingers crossed for more European airports next *cough* EDDF *cough*

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Amazing work! Couldn't be happier for another US airport! Can't wait to fly some snowy routes! Please consider KFLL and KPBI as they are amazing airports in Florida. Keep up the excellent work and I will continue buying! Your airports keep getting better with every new release!

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