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You May Have Found Your Niche

David Vega

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Let me add my congratulations to the many others on your success with the A310 for MSFS and XP. Heard someone ask Asobo if they would consider asking a partner developer to relook their default airplanes and they appear to agree with that idea. Hopefully they ask iniBuilds. Most folks that have flown the A310 marvel at the look and feel you've been able to capture. The aircraft has the large aircraft feel with the retro look of an aircraft of that era.  I'm hoping the market is receptive to similar aircraft. I know I would buy them. Consider looking at something that would provide the same feeling with that mid-century modern style. I suggest looking at the L-1011. A super aircraft for its time, under appreciated, and some say overengineered, making it too expensive to compete with the DC-10. The features it had made it ahead of any other wide body of the time. 

Wishing you continued success.

David Vega



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