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Hi Guys,

Whilst testing my MSFS for about 8 hours after SU11 just to eliminate the last couple of odd stutters, I observed that in the A310 and only during night time there is a consistent stutter (main thread load) every 10 seconds or so. i have tested this multiple times, nothing in community folder. Ultra Settings al the way down to low settings, stays the same. if you change the time to day, no issue, when changed to night time it immediately comes back. just thought it interesting and might help the developers.

i am running 13600KF with RTX 2080, 2K Ultra Settings. My FPS is locked at 40

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my apologies for only coming back now, no internet here in SA for a couple of days. problem persists, unlocked frames confirmed. the second i switch to night time, or dusk or dawn it happens. if i am at the ramp cold and dark, no issue. when i switch on the batteries at night, immediately comes back

Community folder empty as well

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@inibuilds, any feedback on this issue please? the aircraft is not flyable for me at night. in daytime I average between 55-60 fps, same at night however i have the persistent stutter or framedrop at fixed intervals at night. any advice or assistance will be appreciated.

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