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A310 problems in MSFS

Steven Silva

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I want to thank IniBuilds in advance for the A310 for MSFS. I'm really happy with the plane, it's one of my favorites and I'm waiting for the freighter version and the A300 with all its fuselage, freighter and engine versions.

1. When I make the taxi I use the keyboard keys number 0 (ZERO) for left direction, ENTER for right direction and 5 (FIVE) to level but when I press this key it takes a long time to level. Is it simulated that way or is it really an error.

2.sometimes the plane is not logical with the flight line it shows on the ND screen. Today I made a flight and cut the path of the flight plan and flew directly to a point and without any explanation it flew too far from the flight line and the approach had to be canceled due to this bug.

3. On some occasions when I am in an approach, for example, at about FL12,000 to press the LOC, the plane inexplicably accelerates and begins to ascend and again I have to disconnect the AP to be able to finish the flight in manual mode. what am I doing wrong?

4. Every time I land in a manual plane it feels very heavy when it is empty of cargo and passengers and it is time to play with the thrust to generate power in the engines and when landing the plane always lands flush with the runway up to the excursion point track again what am I doing wrong? or is it sensitivity

PS I use mouse as yoke together with VJOY virtual controller software

I thank you in advance for the help


Steven Silva

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Hi thanks for the post.

1 - do these buttons manipulate the rudder? Or the nosewheel steering?

2 - Please double check this post and see if anything here sorts this issue

3 - This is a difficult one to diagnose without a video, please provide one if you can

4 - The A310 is a very heavy plane, even when empty. And without outboard ailerons, can feel very sluggish

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@lowpolybuttthanks for your answer 

1. I really feel comfortable with the controls after training

2. solved with this tutorial

3 and 4 are, above all, a lot, but a lot of training, but they are already turning out very well for me, I just need to train the autoland well

note: I am in the MSFS BETA and I have found some leaks in the A310

1. in the cabin the trim numbers 3UP, 2UP, 1UP, 0 1DN, 2DN, 3DN have disappeared.

2. the passenger cabin does not appear on any of my models



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