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Some EFB suggestions


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thank you for this wonderful aircraft. I love the A310 modelling and system depth. I would suggest some minor changes for the EFB:

1. Add a landing performance calculator

2. Add a failures page to the EFB or FMS

3. Make it possible to access the OFP from simbrief over the EFB

4. Charts from Navigraph

5. ATC page with the frequencies

6. Make it possible to select the source for ATIS (Vatsim, IVAO etc.)

7. Link mass and balance to simbrief 

8. Make it possible to write values with you keyboard and make it possible to use keyboard for mass and balance, because it is very hard to insert accurate values with the sliders

9. ACARS: Please add the possibility to decide whether you want to fetch: METAR, TAF, ATIS

Thank you for this great aircraft!

Greatings from EDDM


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