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Cannot turn the aircraft


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11 hours ago, gumbyger said:

Sorry, I still can´t replicate this even when trying to steer with the same commands you are.

Could you please try with an empty community folder?

It is strange. I have done the following:
1) empty community folder
2) start up the sim on the runway
3) released the parking brake. When the airplane started to move I could steer left and right.
4) stopped the plane, applied the parking brake.
5) released parking brake again. Now I couldn't steer anymore (just like before going straight).
I now enabled the community folder 
1) from the beginning no steering possible
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23 hours ago, gumbyger said:

I mean.. In your options I can see you have a controller and at least one other device connected. Are you sure that that one isn´t interferring with anything?

You are absolutely right. Apparently, in my controller, whichb I only use for slew options, steering was  connected . Great. Thanks so very much. All systems A oké now.

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