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Simulation Rate.


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I tried in Aerosoft Twin Otter. R is selected for sim rate. Inc./Dec. sim rate were blank. Even with that I could change sim rate 2×, 4x. But if I bind 'ctrl num+' for increase and 'ctrl num-' for decrease, sim rate increase to 4x, 16x with each input for Twin Otter! I haven't tried that with A310. What should I do?

For reference only I can mention, in Fenix A320 there is an option in the FMS CDU maint. page to select Sim Rate 2x.


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I use FS sim rate bandit mod.. runs externally to MSFS and can increase simrate.. it tries to go to 4x but usually settles down at 2x.. most airbus planes in MSFS are limited to 2x only.. pmdg can go to 8x.. have tested on their 737..

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