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Aircraft Suggestion: A340-300


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Hi Inibuilds,

I would like to firstly thank you for developing the amazing A300, Beluga and A310. The systems are very in-depth and definitely amongst my favourite aircraft for X-Plane! I also quite like how different variants are included.

I am writing to ask if it is possible for Inibuilds to develop a -300 variant. I know that this may not be possible or may not be considered and may take a while to develop but please consider this as many people want this classic and quirky Airbus airliner for X-Plane!

Hopefully, if Inibuilds does consider this, be mindful that the A340-300 came in 5 variants, the -313X being the 'base' variant:

  • A340-311---CFM 56-5C2
  • A340-312---CFM 56-5C3
  • A340-313---CFM 56-5C4
  • A340-313X---CFM 56-5C4 (with additional centre fuel tank for increased range)
  • A340-313E---CFM 56-5C/P (With increased MTOW 275 tonnes, LCD screens instead of CRT screens in the cockpit, cabin enhancements, centre fuel tank from -313x, new FBW system from -500/600 family, strengthened wing and tail enhancements from the A330-200) 


I was thinking that if this does become a reality, (hopefully it will some time!) the -313X would be the main variant and on the EFB we can choose which configurations we want such as the -311, -312, -313 and -313E!  Also, the A330 and A340 family had different types of 3L and 3R emergency doors: airlines could choose from the 'Type A narrow door', or 'Type B wide exit door' so it would be great to see these as an option on the EFB. Switching between CRT screens and the newer LCD's in the cockpit would be fantastic too along with other customisable configurations!

I really hope that this will become a reality as this is a rare breed of an aircraft, also that it would fit in well with your other range of classic Airbus Airliners!


Thanks Inibuilds


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On 12/23/2022 at 11:31 PM, cwa45 said:

They really need to consider this I am dying for an a340-300 for msfs or any sim

I really hope they do, and like their A310 for X-Plane, they develop every variant of the aircraft such as the -311, -312, -313, 313X and -313E

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