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A few minor enhancements for Xbox users

Chris M

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Would like to make a few suggestions for Xbox users not able to download enhanced version

1: Allow for free movement of the internal camera outside the cockpit 'box'. Yes there is a bug in FS2020 that allows to jump outside that view so the camera can be moved back to the wing for Custom Wing Views, but it would be nice not to rely on that

2. Enhanced sound outside the cockpit. I think there is some cabin noises potentially modelled in the Xbox version but it could do with improvement. Obviously can't compare to the enhanced version

3. Link the Ipad/Computer in the cockpit more to the FMS/FS2020 system. For instance - External Temperature could have a suggested input based on the current settings, like has been done for the runway length. Same goes for weights. 

4. More stability for Sim Rates - I typically use Sim Rate 4x or even 8x for longer journeys. 4x is typically quite stable but not with the A310 - It jumps around all over the place. Would be really helpful to optimise this

5. Liveries for Xbox - Pushed out as a marketplace update even if they have to be paid for. Potentially partner with a third party if there are licensing restrictions like has been done with the Asobo 320 liveries

6. Fix the blackscreen display bugs that occur when you go into some buggy airports (I'm looking at you Origami EGKK). While I'm on it - Is Origami EGKK developed by INibuilds? It is, by far, the buggiest airport on Xbox that I've played on. Its completely unplayable as just either CTDs or kills the aircraft displays the moment you get close to the terminal. 




Apart form that - Fantastic job all around. Great to see the progress in MS FS2020

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Heya 🙂

Added 1-4 to our internal feedback thread.

5. We unfortunately can´t provide those liveries due to named restrictions, however I´m sure that some third party dev will release liveries soonish.

6. As the name says, the Airport is by Origami. We are however partnered with them and I think to remember that there was an update in the works 🙂

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