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MSFS A310 a few things to correct to be closer to real thing

Jan Vlk

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Hi, at first thanks for great product. I have been waiting personally for 10 years to have high end working A310 for a simulator since FSX :-).

Two things.. Why Master warning light does not flash when you disconnect autopilot ? I saw that is same in Xplane version. The light is working via the light test switch so why it does not flash?

2 things reagarding sounds :

1.) Ap disconnect sound should be louder and connected with a sound when the A/P switch goes off. 

2.) landing gear extension sound. When you extend the landing gear, is is almost silent in MSFS. The real sound start with loud “bang” :-), when gear door opens. Like in a320. Most of the airbuses do this. I hear almost nothing here. The bang is really noticable when you see any cockpit video from a310.

3.) altitude callouts also very silent and a lot in the “background” i would like to have them quite loud are more “closer”.

4.) is there a CSA OK-WAA livery abailable for MSFS? It does exist for xplane.

thx, keep up good work..


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