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Crash to Desktop


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Hello Team, I really waited long for the A310 since I worked at the production Line of that one in Real Life, but unfortunately it crashes to Desktop right away. Here is precise what I did so far.

I installed the Update yesterday without any Problems. Before doing the Update I cleared the community folder and the rolling cache although i don't have it active. I installed the Enhancement pack and tried to start from a runway, after about 75% of loading the sim crashes. So I started again at another Airport, the same.

Today I installed the rest of the smaller updates for scenery etc. closed the Sim, started again choosed the A310, CTD after 75%. So I deleted the A310 as well as the Enhancement Pack and shut down the Sim. Started again, installed the A310 and then the Enhancement Pack, crossed my Fingers when I started and yes crash after 75%.

I don't use Navigraph, I only had the Test Version which I deleted. There is no Navigraph file on my PC. But the A310 crashes my sim. The interesting about that (I have about 133 Airplanes among them PMDG, Fenix, Aerosoft, Just Flight and more) I only have the exactly same Problem with the 75% Crash to Desktop with the Velocopter from Asobo. I could never start that one in the Past, Crash after 75%. 

So I hope I explained as well as possible and you may find a solution. Annyway, thank you for releasing the A310 for free.



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Hi Bob,

Sorry to hear that you're having issues loading into the A310. Unfortunately, we aren't able to assist with CTDs that occur during the loading of the aircraft itself, as this is an issue with the simulation initialisation the package. We are only able to assist with CTDs that occur after loading into the aircraft.

Kindly report your issue to the MSFS Zendesk support for further assistance: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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