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X-Plane 12


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To busy with their new found partnership with the MSFS lot to worry about us XPlane users,considering we were there for INIbuilds during their early days yet not showing the same loyalty towards us ,...total loss of respect towards them and wish I had given money to a developer who is still supporting us .....there must be a an agreement towards them and MSFS to be able to give the A310 to MSFS users for free while Xplane users still have to pay over 60 quid plus VAT for a non updated since Feb version , something along the lines of no further updates or products for Xplane and in return Inibuilds get a % of MSFS sales..,,also when you consider how much the cheapest version of MSFS is you will get the A310 with it which is cheaper then the single Xplane A310 version and you wonder why Xplane users are not happy atm !! 

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