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A300 & A310 in VR?


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Hi. I read earlier that the current versions of these aircraft are not VR ready - is that so? I was considering buying one or both (as they are on sale at the moment -  if one buys the A300 at the current reduced price, is there still a 35% discount on the sale price of the A310? I would doubtless buy both, if so), but as I only fly VR in XP11 I do not want my enthusiasm to turn to bitter disappointment (and frustration at having spent quite a lot of $$$ for nothing). I searched for 'VR' in this forum, but no results...

I see that there is a SimVRLabs mod for v1 of the A300, but I don't see anything for the current versions of the A300 or A310. Is there something in the pipeline (and if so, how far down the pipeline are they?). 

BTW, 'VR ready' would include being able to use any aircraft menus, for loading/fuelling/external power etc (if there are any in these planes?) from within VR - removing the headset, turning off VR and going back to the monitor is not a viable option).

Many thanks! 🙂



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Hi Martin!

If you are looking for a full VR experience then I would not recommend as its more VR compatibility with MoveVR or the SimVRLabs configs..

Also only for XP11, as XP12 is not confirmed at the moment.

Hope that helps.

Kind Regards



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