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Is there a place to download the Inimanager Beta?


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I am having the same issue as so many others have had (since May or before apparently):  grey screen and shutdown when attempting to launch IniManager 1.06.

Frustrating beyond belief.

Frustrating that I need yet another "product installer".

Frustrating that the "product installer" seems to need permissions that even ever-security-lax Microsoft OS balks at.

Frustrating that I need to wait for a link to the beta to use the products I paid for.

There should be a link to the beta at the to the top of the Support (Windows) sub-forum.

Additionally, why isn't iniManager listed in the "Product Info and Prerequesites" section of any products for which it is required?

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Please reach out to us directly for a link to this version. This beta version is not public as it’s designed to resolve an issue that only a handful of users experience.

Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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