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iniBuilds Development Update - July 2022

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Hello folks! 

I hope you are well. 🙂

We have lots of exciting stuff to show today, so let's jump straight in.

iniBuilds A310 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 

In case you missed the big news last month, we announced our long-term partnership with Microsoft Flight Simulator in developing this aircraft. We highly recommend you read that post first, before continuing! 

Development is going very well, and the last post focused a lot on the exterior. Today, I am pleased to show you some elements of the  beautiful cockpit that will be coming with this aircraft.


A lot of the elements are complete, with final refinements being conducted and you can also see some of the features coming into the EFB. As mentioned in our last post, we will provide a comprehensive training guide on the operation of the aircraft and how all the systems can be used. Please note this is not a modern Airbus so there are some quirks and they have been fully reflected in the aircraft to provide a great deal of immersion, and these will all be explained in our training series!

We have some other items we have not revealed yet, that we will show next month, but for now I leave you with two more fantastic exterior shots. 



I know it's not a lot of information, but we are very busy to get this aircraft ready for you all! As a reminder it will be completely free if you own a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator or have an Xbox Game Pass subscription; this airliner will be a part of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Standard Edition coming in November of 2022.

All liveries present on the images of the aircraft are purely for the purpose of this post, showcasing the product and may not be present in the final product due to licensing approval.

iniScene London Heathrow EGLL for Microsoft Flight Simulator 

In June we announced we were going to do a comprehensive update to the airport! Today, I am super pleased to show some of the latest development pictures and update you on where we are.

We put up a thread asking people what were the main areas they wanted improved. In summary:

- Night lighting
- Performance 
- More details on roads around terminals / airport
- Interiors






So what did we do?


- Hilton Garden Inn bug fix
- Terminal 2b emissive improvements
- Terminal 5a detailed interior and improved night lighting
- Terminal 2 limited interior and improved night lighting
- Terminal 5b texture and geometry improvements, limited interior with improved night lighting
- Terminal 5c texture and geometry improvements, limited interior with improved night lighting
- Various Vehicle Path decals added
- Various Taxi-way decals added
- Improvements to T2 Construction Area
- Minor Improvements to T3 Landside detail
- Added custom Runway Exit Lighting (orange-green alternating)
- Added aprons and lines to Fire and Maintenance Area
- Added Landside detail for Cargo Terminal area
- Added lighting to T5 Industrial Area
- Changed gate 236 to 237 (including signage etc)
- Yellow lines now sorted under runway markings
- Added double-white line around parking/taxi boundaries
- Added parking position for G515 (fix for incorrect jetway being called at 516)
- Adjusted jetway rotation for G516 to prevent obstruction to VDGS
- Added exclude under Concorde model
- Rework of airline gate allocation 

These new features and bug improvements will all be part of a new free V2 update of the airport. 

As we are feature complete, we are now doing some final tests on the performance of the airport. If you experienced unflyable moments at the airport, please do email us at support@inibuilds.com as we would love to get your feedback on this new version to measure the performance improvements (if any).

Once this phase is completed we will pass this to content creators!

Other scenery matters:

I leave you with two teaser pictures for an area we have three active projects on; the first being something for the Heli pilots 😉 

Any guesses? 



Thank you for reading this development update and as always please do engage with us in the comments, and social media.

Do check out our other products available here: store.inibuilds.com
Feel free to join our Discord to interact with us on a daily basis: inib.uk/discord

Kind Regards,

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