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Flytampa eham v1 gsx config


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I just installed the inibuilds gsx config for flytampa eham v1.
Some jetways are appearing and working but some gates don't even have them for example here, gate F3.
In the config file there are lines about jetways at gate f3 so i'm probably doing something wrong?
Anybody know what the problem here is?




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Would you be able to attach a picture of your GSX customization menu? You can view this menu by loading into the scenery at the stand that should have jetway.

After that, open the GSX menu by pressing "Control + F12". Once that menu opens up, look for the very bottom option that mentions a customization menu and click it. This will open a white box, please send us a screenshot of this box.

Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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hey thanks for the reply,

Not sure why but the jetways seem to work now i think. It's supposed to look like this right?. Not sure why the logos on the jetways on a certain gate are bigger than on another gate though. 







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