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Is it only me that thinks Inibuilds has changed?


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I first started following Inibuild when they took over the proposed development of the A380 for xplane 11 (The Xplane world awaited with baited breath. Seems to have died a death, as never heard of nowadays).

In a sense, that could be forgiven as you gave us the fantastic A300, A310 and Beluga models. You also gave us hope on the customer service side of things too as you were second to none at the time. In my view all that has changed with the heralding of the “Ini Manager” . You now seem to be governed by your bank balance above customer satisfaction. Reasons:-

I have gone from being a Pilot, all beit amature. To being an inibuild maintenance engineer


Why do I have to download the whole model everytime you make the slightest change? As you seem to have access to my computer in the first place to know I need the update. Surely you know I am the “Genuine holder of that serial number”.

I also then have to re load all my Liveries.


On the latest update I have found you found the need to change ACF file name which messes up all my Xcamera setups including “X & Y” settings so I have to go through all my camera views and reset them.


Can you please give us back the Inibuild values we all adored so much?

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I just renamed my old X-Camera files to the new name witch appeared when XC created new files after update. Worked for me 🙂


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Hi @davrob.

Thanks for your feedback. The iniManager will download the full product files if you happen to fall more than 1 version behind the latest version of a product. This is to ensure the product is completely up to date, as with multiple updates, files can be added, deleted and modified.

Liveries do not need to be reinstalled after an update.

Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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