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Activation count exceeded - I have already submitted a ticket


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I cannot activate the A300 because I've 'exceeded activations count'. I have already contacted support directly but the page says it's a 1-2 day wait.

I've been setting up a new system and Windows 11 has been nothing but trouble, and I've had to format it and then re-install the A300 several times. Obviously I've been using the iniManager and doing all of this from the same IP address so I cannot understand why there would be an activation limit, or why you would not be able to automate the activation reset process (such as how ActiveSky does it).

Your A300 (and the A310) is by far the best airplane available in Xplane and I have had nothing but a top notch experience thus far, but now having to apparently wait 1-2 days before I can fly it again due to an activation issue (which, given that I didn't pirate anything, is a complete waste of time from my perspective) is very disappointing. I've got VATSIM training lined up in 2 hours and will now have to use a different plane or cancel.

Please consider changing your activation lock policy, particularly if a user is reactivating from the same IP address.

Best regards. 

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We've followed up with your ticket. The iniManager does not control activations, this is handled purely by SASL.

Activations are limited to prevent abuse.

Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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