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Liveries that wont install in A310 V2


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I have 31 liveries sat in iniManager that will not install, each comes up with an error "403 Status code is not ok".

Some are already in the aircraft liveries on my pc, but showing as available to download in the iniManager. Some are not on my pc, but all come up with the same error if you try to install.

Any ideas please?


Mervyn Edwards

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I'm also having the same issue, I think INI might be doing some back-end server related maintenance/updates. Their store page was having some issues yesterday due to a server update. If I had to guess they're updating the INI manager servers right now. This is the response to my support ticket about the store website acting funky:

Hello Eric,

Thanks for reaching out to us and apologies for the inconvenience.

Due to a server update by our store provider, this discount code was temporarily disabled. It should now be applied again once you go to check out.

Kind regards,

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