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What is it with all the Glitching??? Latest Update.


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Since the upgrade to V2 the airplane has become glitchy and framerate heavy, what is it that you all are doing at INIBUilds???? You all supposed to be optimizing the airplane not making it worse!!!!

I feel I have the right to voice my opinion on this matter as I have spent a lot of money on both the 300 and 310!!!

Please fix the airplanes!!!!

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Welcome to the iniBuilds forum.

I understand you may be frustrated, but if you're having an issue it has to be approached constructively so we can work with you to resolve it.

Please perhaps record a video of your issue or describe it in more detail... i.e what conditions is the aircraft in when it's glitching, what sort of glitching is occurring etc.?

Also provide a Log.txt from a glitchy flight, so we can have an idea of what's going on with your sim.

Let me know about the above, so we can troubleshoot with you or come to a resolution.



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