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Ini manager observation / Issue?


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After using the ini manager for the first time I noticed the tool did not scan my install correctly. It claimed I had uninstalled aircraft, hence could not find it. After being prompted for an install the tool installed my aircraft-add-ons for a second time, by creating an own subfolder called iniSimulations. I have organised all my pay ware in a "Payware" folder apart from a "Freeware" or Laminar Research and Extra Aircraft Folder. Is there a chance to have this changed, so the updater search will also include subfolders of the Aircraft folder)

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Hi @728Jet,

In order to detect your products correctly and ensure they're kept up to date, you're required to remove your current addons that were installed manually from the iniBuilds Store and install directly through the iniManager. Going forward, you'll be able to update your products directly through the iniManager.

At this time, it is not possible to move aircraft folders to different locations within the Aircraft folder (ex. Payware or Freeware).

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Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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