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Unable to use due to High Server Load + No Serials On Website Account after inimanager roll out


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As the title states, cannot use the new inimanager due to the dreaded high server load message that was supposedly fixed. 

It is also very concerning that due to this new app roll out, I cannot see my serials on my account at the store. While I do get that ini is trying to push for their manager, there is no reason why the serials must be either hidden or taken away from the owners in case (like right now) the inimanager is not working for the customers and the customers require to activate their products, as I am trying to right now. 

I already submitted a ticket, all I want is my serials so I can reactivate my planes while the manager get sorted. 


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Hello Gabe. I've just followed up with your ticket.

Thanks for your patience. This issue has now been resolved and you should be able to login.

We appreciate your understanding and patience while our team worked to fix this.

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Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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