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fps A300 vs A310


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Hi there!

I fly and love both birds! My old system is struggling to keep these beauties flying, but most of the time, I get 25-30fps out of the A300, even with xEnviro running, and around busy airfields, and overall the sim is pretty smooth. In the A310 though, fps go down to 18-20 (f-sim stuck at 19fps, problematic while flying online) and the whole sim becomes pretty stuttery. Is that a normal behaviour?

Thx a lot in advance for your input!


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Hi there,

I also experienced FPS drop in A310 (15-20) in remote empty airport, but it was 40-45 fps when I switch to A300 (any type). FPS is slightly better (21-25) if I use A310 Freighter. Hiding the cabin seat and using 2K textures doesn't help

My pc spec : Geforce GTX 970 on i7-4790K cpu, 16 GB RAM. I always use OpenGL setting. FPS significantly boosted (20-35) if I use Vulcan, but other textures blurred except the aircraft.

hope you can find the solution, thank you.


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