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iniSimulations A310-300 ON THE LINE v1.01 Released


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v1.01 of the iniSimulations A310 has been released. This update includes various bug fixes and improvements.

This update can be downloaded via your iniBuilds Store account: store.inibuilds.com/account

NOTE: This update requires a reinstall. Remove iniSimulations_A310-300_Freighter and iniSimulations_A310-300_Passenger_ACJ from your X-Plane 11 installation’s aircraft folder: \X-Plane 11\Aircraft before installing this update.


- Fixed BRK Fail Visual Bug
- Fixed EMER EXIT LT Bug
- Fixed LDG GEAR WARN TEST clickspot 
- Fixed Passenger Cabin clickspot
- Fixed ACP Lighting behind IDC
- Fixed CPDLC - Wilco/Stby Logic
- Improved Engine temperature Logic
- Improved Fuel Pressure Logic
- Improved Spoiler Deployment speed
- Fixed IDC Scratchpad character limits
- Fixed CPDLC crashing when NAVLOG in SimBrief was enabled in flight planning
- Fixed CPDLC-POS REPORT not being to able to enter GS over 500kts
- Fixed frequencies 128.450, 129.450, 130.450
- Fixed LDG PERF - change TOW to LEW
- Fixed ZFW and FOB Logic in FMS
- Fixed No ZFW showing MAX OPT Flight Levels.
- Improved Alternate Braking and BRK ACCU Logic
- Fixed Landing Gear Bindings Bug
- Improved Interior PAX Windows (lightened)
- Improved Gear Textures/Normals
- Improved SID and STAR Logic
- Fixed CPDLC Messaging Logic in some places
- Fixed +/- keys in IDC
- Fixed EFB boot screen to have A310 logo

Please note other minor bugs will be resolved in the MRTT/Medevac release in August.

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Sam Wheeler
Senior Management | iniBuilds

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