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inquiry about landing gear lowering when landing in the airbus a320 v2

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im having a small issue with the airbus a320 v2. when i am getting ready to land i lower the lever on my quadrant to lower the landing gear and it takes a few seconds and the gear never lowers it takes forever and i have to keep lifting and lowering the lever to make sure the wheels do lower and its becoming a nuisance i dont know what to do about this situation. i have my gear mappings to my bravo throttle quadrant gear lever for the up and down mappings. anyway if anyone who knows anything about this issue and what i can possibly do to fix it let me know itd b great thanks again.





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Hi @SimPilot7091

Please ensure you do not have any conflicting bindings.

I am also using this with the BravoTQ, with below assignments and not noticing any issues with the gear.

Also ensure you do not have any AI Assists enabled (Options > Assistance Options > Piloting).


If you are still having problems, please record a  video clip of the issue and share here. Both internally showing your ECAM and Gear lever, and also external showing how it extends/retracts. Also provide a screenshot of your bindings.


Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
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Hi richboy2307,

it’s me Adam just wanted to let u know that I removed all the airbus 320 aircraft from the sim cause I just didn’t want to deal with the issue of the landing gear not coming down.




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