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Wondering if you can please advise which Navigation database the A320 V2 is using.  It seems different to the standard A320 and B787 however it may just be the implementation of the A320 which is more detailed and accurate.  I believe we are still on AIRAC 2406.  Specifically on a flight from NZDN to NZQN I cant plan direct to ATKIL without also selecting the ELRUV Star, whereas I can on the other two aircraft

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Hi @Bazz

The plane used the default sim navdatabase, unless you install navigraph on top (for the whole sim, not any addon-specific one), in which case it will use that instead. 

That being said, as for NZQN, the issue is with the way in which the code is implemented. Ours uses the internal MSFS WASM API, which has been known to skip some data.  I'll share this quote from one of my colleagues that was posted on discord, discussing a similar issue:


The WT 747/787 and MS A320neo v2 use the same data source, but not the same data method.

There are many documented examples of where even the JS API and WASM API differ in what they send. NZQN being a good example. JS aircraft have no issues loading the approaches there, but WASM aircraft just don't get the correct data unfortunately.

So that is something for MS/Asobo to resolve. Other addons get around this by using their own custom navdatabase set compiled by Navigraph. However with this being a Microsoft product, that is not possible.


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